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Client Testimonials

“As a business owner staying organized is a key success factor for me as well as the people I employ. SWIPE consulting helped me achieve more organization by assisting in the identification and removal of bottlenecks in my office processes and procedures which increased the efficiency of my office personnel in their daily duties and routines”

-Michael Davis, Brooks & Davis Real Estate Firm, LLC

michael davis

“Utilizing SWIPE consulting’s ideas and strategies have allowed my business to become a viable threat to competitors who in some cases had the advantage of a 20 year head start. Not only did SWIPE have great ideas and strategies that I could incorporate, but SWIPE was willing to assist me in implementation with hands on guidance. Thank you SWIPE!”

- Robert Quijano, The Pop Culture Company

“SWIPE Consulting re-organized my business. I am working multiple projects which have overlapping completion deadlines. Within these deadlines I have to set mini-deadlines so that the final completion schedules are met. On top of that I have to juggle a busy travel schedule for appearances at numerous conventions around the world.  SWIPE Consulting collaborated with me to design a set of schedules which allowed me to keep track of my numerous projects and appearances. These re-designed execution plans also allowed for the artist, writers, colorist and pencilers on the various projects to keep track of the overall project schedule for timely completion.  SWIPE Consulting was a great investment. Thank you SWIPE!!!” - Rod Thornton Angel Comics

“I have used the organizational skills to help me be successful in my new job. The principles helped me to achieve consistency with my position that has many moving parts that have to be juggled.”  - Cher Cambridge

“My wife and I have a private medical practice in Houston.  SWIPE Consulting was hired to assist with operational areas which we were looking to improve.  SWIPE Consulting created employee job descriptions for existing as well as future positions, created employee and operational handbooks, and streamlined our front office so that the total time from patient check-in to check-out was substantially reduced. Now our patients can be seen even more efficiently and quickly. Thank you SWIPE!”  - James Pierre M.D.

“Getting my training business off the ground was a dream I had for over a year. I kept thinking to myself "I can do this if only I knew what I needed to do and what to expect." I did online research and read a few books but nothing that was giving me a clear path to follow. Then I came across SWIPE's website. After looking it over a while I decided it was worth giving them a call. I spoke with and met Nate Davis. Let me tell you, the information I was given was invaluable. He told me things I hadn't even thought of and the things I did read about he helped to forge that information into, not only a path, but a road map I could follow to success. Because of the caring people at SWIPE I know I will be making my dream of owning a business into a reality. Thank you SWIPE.” - Alex Nellis

“SWIPE Consulting helped me bring my assisted living business into the 21st century. The professionals at SWIPE Consulting helped me set up a system where I could track money coming in as well as money being paid into other areas such as public transportation and other essentials for my residents. I was not very proficient in computers and was a little intimidated by the whole idea of writing and receiving emails or doing business online such as banking and purchases. SWIPE Consulting was very patient and walked me step by step until I felt comfortable. Then after setting me up, SWIPE Consulting was available for any questions that I had or if I needed an associate to come by, it was very easy and I felt like I was not inconveniencing SWIPE Consulting with my questions or requests. I would recommend SWIPE Consulting and have recommended SWIPE Consulting to other small business owners.”  – Roosie Crosby

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